Sunday, June 24, 2007

Influences on Spiritual Formation in Malaysia Churches

What do you think are some of the factors that influence spiritual formation of Chinese Christians in Malaysian and Singapore churches churches? Here are some of my ideas.

  • Denominational history

  • Chinese culture

  • Post-colonial legacy

  • Religious pluralism in a multicultural society

  • Islam as the dominant religion in society
  • Media-interconnectivitiy

  • Effects of globalisation

Can you think of any other factors that can influence spiritual formation in Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese Christians? Please let me know.

I am conducting a research on this area and will great appreciate your input.



  1. educational background?
    (kebangsaan vs chinese learning/teaching methods)

    multicultural society (hence diff between China chinese and malaysian/singaporean chinese)


  2. Post Tsunami in SEA and Flood disaster in Johor - this caused my church started to get ready to be involved more in disaster relief. FUnds is being budgeted for such disaster relief since the incidents

    Malaysian politics - a lot of sensitive issue like Lina Joy is being silenced addressed in church pulpit.

    TErrorism - it caused even more hindrances for Malaysians to be involved in neighbour work

    Migrations (prob this fall under globalizations) - lots of young adults in my rural town migrated to overseas or urban areas that caused a vacum in leadership successions.

  3. Hi sora,

    yes, education (National type Bahas Malaysia, Vernicular such as Mandarin, Private schools in English) will have an important influence.

    thanks, chee keat,

    getting a church moblised or developing a mentality of offering community assistance is a factor.

    being Christian in Malaysia politics is definitely an influencer.

    terroism and fundamentalist resurgence

    borderless world

    hi, sk,

    yes, affluence or as someone says affluenza.

    Thanks for all these wonderful suggestions.