Thursday, January 3, 2008

What is Wisdom?

In academic life the temptation to worship the Part instead of the Whole is subtle and rationally appealing. In the sciences—natural and social—in the humanities, we learn an enormous amount of invigorating truth. We know this search is valid. And therefore it is an aspect of the search for God himself. But if we stop at halfway houses, if we are content with a likeness of Reality, then we are bowing before graven images. They are not false, they are only seductively incomplete.

Gordon W. Allport, Waiting for the Lord: Meditations on God and Man

There are those who desire to acquire knowledge for its own value—and this is a base vanity. But there are others who desire to have it to edify others—and this is charity. And there are others who desire it so that they may be edified—and this is wisdom.


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