Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New and Notworthy from Eisenbrauns

My good friend, Kar Yong has introduced me to an excellent bookseller

New Titles from Winged Bull Press
Posted April 1, 2008

The Exact Location of Famous Historical Figures
Edited by Seems Wright Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming August, 2008. Cloth. English.

List Price: $1000.00
Your Price: $900.00

During the past year an unusually large number of books and movies have appeared claiming to have found the final resting place of various biblical figures. In our on-going effort to assist scholars, Winged Bull Press has compiled the authoritative guide to who lies where.

Taking advantage of our previously published volumes, "The Unknown Languages" and "Monuments of Ancient Assyria," we have assembled all of the relevant data for over 500 famous biblical and ancient Near Eastern figures and determined the precise final resting places for each. Using this book in conjunction with our "DIY Ossuary Kit" and "First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar" is all you need to create your own documentary and become famous. And because of the grammar, you needn't be troubled by tell-tale mistakes so common to others' attempts.

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HT Homilia


  1. Thanks for mentioning our special sale! We strive to be unique in our offerings :)

    The permanent link is


  2. hi James,
    welcome. It is always good to have a bookseller to visit.

    BTW, I love the name of your blog, Idle musings of a bookseller at

    That's very a musing :)

  3. The price tag is ... staggering. Is that a typo, an April's Fool joke or ...??

  4. hi Paul,

    No, the book price is not a typo. In fact I think it is reasonable considering it gives you the exact location of the graves of more than 500 famous biblical and ancient Near Eastern figures.

  5. *sigh* I am not very good at trying to be witty and humorous. LOL

    I think that the price tag was a sure give away and I did not even have to read the book's description. If the price tag were significantly lower I might have been naive enough to think that it might be a possible serious book :-)

  6. Still no news regarding your refund, alex....