Saturday, July 5, 2008

Batman:The Ressurection of Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul is my favourite Batman's villain. The new Joker is scary. Ra's Al Ghul is a megalomaniac whose aim is to direct mankind's development. However his way of doing so is to create chaos and kill people. This brings him into direct conflict with the Batman. I find that I respect both of them. That is until Grant Morrison and Paul Dini took over the scripting of the Batman's comics. Somehow, I do not like what they are doing to Ra's Al Ghul's character.

This follows the story arc of Batman: RIP. We are introduced to Batman's son, Damian. This graphic novel complied Batman Annual 26, Robin Annual 7, Batman #670-671, Robin #168-169, Nightwing #138-139, and Detective Comics #838-839.

[warning, contains spoilers].

Earlier, Ra's Al Ghul was killed when Batman destroyed all the Lazarus pits. Without the Lazarus pits, Ra' Al Ghul cannot regenerate. However, Ra's Al Ghul developed an ingenious plan. Apparent, Ra's Al Ghul still exist though without a body! He needs a body to inhabit and that body must contain his bloodline. It turns out Damian is the new body he planned for. Damian is genetically engineered and contains Talia's and Batman's genes. So this interesting story is a rampage in which Ra' Al Ghul tries to kidnap his grandson and Batman, Talia, Robin, Nightwing and Alfred tries to prevent it. Added to the fray is the Sensei who tries to take over Ra's Al Ghul's organisation when he is dead, and I Ching a powerful human who helps the Batman and his gang. There are a lots of fighting with lots of ninjas. Also an amusing sibling rivalry between Robin (Tim Drake), stepson of the Batman and Damian, son of Damian. The conclusion is a bit of an anticlimax but it is been an interesting journey.

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