Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rethinking Peter Singer

Gordon Preece (ed.), 2002, Rethinking Peter Singer: A Christian Critique, Downers Groove,IL: InterVarsity Press

Four fellow Australians of Peter Singer set out to critique his theories and work. They are Gordon Preece, director of the Centre for Applied Christian Ethics, Ridley College in Australia; Graham Cole, principal of Ridley College and teaches theology and ethics; Lindsay Wilson, vice principla of Ridley College and has degrees in law and Old Testament studies; and Andrew Sloane is a medical doctor and teaches Old Testament, theology and ethics at Ridley College. They claim to be the first group of Christians to publicly critique Peter Singer's theories.

Looking from a Christian perspective, I agree fully with their critique on Singer's views on abortion, animal experimentation, euthanasia, allocation of healthcare resources and Christianity. Peter Singer is a non-practicing Jew and an atheist. However I am uncomfortable in the way these Christians do their critique. Peter Singer was liken to Herod, killer of children in the New Testament. And they question why Peter did not euthanize his mother when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Along the way, their critique of Peter Singer has become personal attacks and lack grace. The greatest lesson I learned form this book is how to be graceful with people who holds different viewpoints from me.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I bought this book years ago but haven't read it yet. As a Christian, I've been very influenced by Singer's views on poverty and our responsibility to the poor - and haven't read much of his other more controversial views. I don't think they tackle it in this book, do they? Maybe they should have, then they may have something good to say about Singer?

    Singer's views on poverty, though not Christian (or anti-Christian), has done more to challenge me than any Christian author I've read. I share a bit of my thoughts here. Cheers!