Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who Can Be A Doctor?

A Quandary in Sweden: Criminals in Medical School

A year ago, Sweden’s most prestigious medical school found itself in an international uproar after it unknowingly admitted a student who was a Nazi sympathizer and a convicted murderer, then scrambled to find a way to expel him.

It is hard to imagine how the case could get any more bizarre. But it has.

The 33-year-old student, Karl Helge Hampus Svensson, having been banished from the medical school of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm on the ground that he falsified his high school records, has now been admitted to a second well-known medical school — Uppsala, Sweden’s oldest university.

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This news report raises an interesting question. Should a convicted murderer be allowed to train to be a doctor?



  1. OMG!!!

    NO and NEVER in every sense of the word!

    imagine a convicted murderer, sitting next to me in lectures and listening intently to Dr Wong
    or being in your bedside examining little children, Dr Alex *shudders*

    call me prejudiced or biased but murderers never loose their tendency to murder. they may control it to some extent but in the world of medicine, which has so much of stress... who know what could tip them off- especiall those who have psychologically influenced. tis especially worse cuz medicine offers them all the power of life. forget euthanasia, these people would be doing harm left right and center. so where would the principle of "first do no harm" go into place here?


  2. hello The author,

    That is an interesting response. What if the murderer has served his or her prison sentence and claimed to be repentant?

    Do you think people can truly change?

  3. I firmly believe that personality is stable across lifetime. If he is a tiger, so it is unpredictable the tiger will not kill again next round. Chinese proverb- 江山易改,本性难移- easier to move a moutain than change a character

    Certain things like killing and raping are considered as serious crime. We cannot afford to take risk while many other competent students are on the waiting list to get into the medical schools. Scary news

  4. Hi swallowyen,

    Welcome. Thank you for your insightful comment. I really like the Chinese proverb.