Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Addition to My Family

My new pet. A solid black German Shepherd (Alsatian) 4 months old puppy.

Black Shepherds are rare.

I shall call him...Kuro Beowulf!



  1. he certainly looks the part of Beowulf! :)

  2. yes, a very young black bear-wolf

  3. You are a man after my heart Alex. 37 years ago I had a German Shepherd.. named him Brutus.. and he was a brute weighing 90 pounds.. he could look over my shoulder when he was on his hind legs.

    After him we went with Westies.. a lot easier on the furniture :)

    Best of luck with Kuro Beowulf!

  4. Thanks, Bob. Looks like we have lots in common!