Monday, January 11, 2010

SFI Seminar on Small Groups (2)

SFI Seminar 2010/1

Making Your Small Groups Better

Small group has been an important part of church life. It helps the church to be lively and maturing the congregation.

Speaker: Rev. Dr Jennifer Turner

Date : 2.00pm- 9.30pm, Saturday 9 January 2010

Place : Berea, Holy Light Church, Jalan Gertak Merah, Johor Bahru

A. Synopsis

Whenever churches have been alive and maturing, small groups have been an important part of their life. Small groups can help us to grow spiritually and care for each other in ways that satisfy our deepest longings as human beings. But it doesn’t happen automatically. There is much we can learn from experience about how to have good groups and make good groups even better.

B. Areas to be covered

i) How can I expect to benefit from being in a small group?

ii) Building community and caring in a small group

iii) Helping my small group to be a good learning experience

C. Speaker

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Turner has been faithfully serves the Lord in the field of teaching and lecturing for more than two decades. She lives in Perth, Australia. She was born in Australia but lived and worked in various places, such as U.S.A., Scotland, India, Germany, Philippines, Kenya as well as Australia. She obtained her doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary, California, U.S.A. in 2000. She is married to Neil, a scientist. They have three married sons and six grandchildren.

Most of us take small groups, cell groups or bible study groups for granted as part of our church activities. It will come as a surprise that the small group movement started only about 30 years ago. Jennifer and John Mallison were instrumental in starting the Small Group Network in Australia. It was a pleasantly paced seminar with Jennifer sharing her past experiences with small groups and giving us pointers on how to make our small groups better.


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