Friday, March 12, 2010

Thinking Faith on Post Modern Prodigal Son

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The Prodigal Father - A Postmodern Homily
The familiar parable of the Prodigal Son traditionally prompts us to reflect on the love and forgiveness of the father who welcomes back his younger son. But what if we focus on the effect of the father’s generosity on the relationship between the two brothers? Desmond Ryan argues that if we look at this story in a new way we see the harmful consequences of prioritising relationships based on authority over those based on a sibling model. Read >>



  1. do you think this is the point that Jesus was trying to make when he created the parable ?

  2. Hi Tony,

    Yes, I do think this is the point Jesus is trying to make. This may sound heretical as most evangelicals are now heavily influenced by Henri Nouwen's The Prodigal Son (which he wrote after he had an emotional breakdown).

    Most commentators look only at the response of the father i.e. his missing the younger son. The older brother is always seen as Jesus' slight on the Pharisees.

    The parable is sandwiched between two others which tell of finding something precious that is lost. The prodigal son parable is often interpreted as telling of the forgiveness of the father but I suspect it may be a retelling of the need for the restoration of right relationships. I link it to the Great Commandment of loving God, self and others.