Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Meditation

It is in our brokenness that we meet God. We have no place for God when we are standing tall and defiant. As we pick among the shards of our broken ego, we discover the delusions that enslaves us, the lust that chains us and the lies that blinds us. It is with these broken shards that God rebuilds us. Only if we allow him to. There are some who clings to their brokenness, reviling in their pain. Others remain broken, afraid to move on for fear of more breakings. God picks up our brokenness and fashions our wholeness where the egg of his son will be born, in the ground of our being.

It is in our needfulness that we touch God. In our innermost self, where we are vulnerable, scared and naked, do we realise our need for God. A need than can only be satisfied by him alone. As a drowning man clings to the hand that can draw him to safety, we cling to the hand of God. As Peter realise from the depth of his soul, “where do we go? Only you have the word of life.” In our needfulness, God fills us with his Spirit.

It is in our trust that we experience God. Trust is not easy to give because we have been hurt so often. The pain of wounded trust does not heal easily. The greatest pain comes from those whom we love the most. We must have enough faith to launch into the unknown. As a child leapt from a height, trusting her father will catch her, we too must trust to jump, confident that we too will be caught. Trust is giving up control to another. As an innocent infant rests in the arms of his mother, we too rest in the trust of our loving father in heaven.

It is in our living that we enjoy God. Some will stand on mountains and experience the awesome power of his greatness. Others may labour in valleys, tilling the soil. Yet, most growth occurs in valleys, where transforming moments occurs. Our life is a succession of moments. We must live only in these moments, only in the present. If we are really present to the moment, we shall experience joy. Many of us miss joy because we are too busy with the future moments or the past. Joy is the here and now; as your eyes scan the written text, the sensation of your body, the background noise and your emotional state. And with these moments, you will see God smiling. No moments too insignificant or too great for God for in him we move, live and have our being.

soli deo gloria

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