Monday, March 31, 2008

Missions and the Emerging Church

From Encounter Mission Ezine Issue 22 & 23

Emerging Church – part one
Issue 22 Editor: Rob Hay

Emerging Church seems to have something of the soap bar about it that post-modernity had. We kind of know what people are alluding to when they use the term but certainly would not want to try to guess precisely what they mean. In fact there is a very high probability that they don’t know exactly what they mean by it! However, like post-modernity it seems that it is a significant issue we should be wrestling with and one that will potentially change the landscape that we are familiar with and take for granted.

Article 1: Emerging Church? New thinking about the church in Europe in the 21st century.(Richard Tiplady, 1423 words)
Article 2: The Church in a Postmodern Society.(Dr Jonathan Ingleby, 1627 words)
Article 3: The Rugby Club Church.(Paul Tester, 1430 words)
Article 4: Evangelical and Ecumenical Missiology in Post-Communist Europe Mindmap.(Revd Darrell Jackson)
Article 5: Insights into the Mind(map) of a European Missiologist.(Revd Darrell Jackson, 401 words)

Emerging Church – part two
Issue 23 Editor: Jonathan Ingleby

This second attempt to have a look at the topic of Emerging Church is based largely on the Thinking Mission forum held under the auspices of Global Connections in February of this year. The title of the forum was Baby or Bathwater: Must We Ditch Traditional Church Structures to Do Mission Well? and you can see more details, including some of the articles published here and the discussion that followed the talks, on the Global Connections website.

Article 1: Baby or Bathwater? Must we ditch traditional church structures to do mission well?A perspective from the Emerging Church in the UK.(Jonny Baker, 2069 words)
Article 2: "Ecclesiogenesis": Base ecclesial communities in contemporary perspective.(Dr Paul Davies, 1696 words)
Article 3: The emergence of Muslim Background Believer communities in Bangladesh.(Dr Ida Glaser, 1040 words)
Article 4: Maintenance Exhaustion: A postscript to the debate on emerging church.(Dr Jonathan Ingleby, 1126 words)

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