Friday, December 12, 2008

Lawrence Khong's Give Me the Multitudes

Lawrence Khong (2008) Give me the Multitudes! Obeying God's Call into the Media World, TOUCH Ministries International: Singapore

Lawrence Khong is the Founding Senior Pastor of the 10,000 strong Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore. He has been commissioned as an Apostle by Dr Peter Wagner of the International Coalition of Apostles and is a member of Pastor Cesar Castellanos' International G12. He is also the Founding Chairman of TOUCH Community Services, a registered non-profit welfare organisation that serves the needy, and the Founding Chief Execuitive Officer of Gateway Entertainment, an entertainment production business that stages mega magic shows like Magic of Love (from the book burb).

This little booklet of 119 pages, large fonts with 1.5 spacing format and a few pages of black and white photos is an autobiography by Khong about the last six years in which he was involved in his magician/illusionist Magic of Love stage magic/dance/musical production.

Though an autobiography, it comes across as an attempt to justify his involvement with the Magic of Love. As I was reading it, I was wondering why is there a need to justify his actions if the call from God for him was to begin an apostolic ministry in the 'media and entertainment scene' to win the lost. It is good to know that his interest in magic/illustionist acts began when he was a child and remained his hobby. It is also good to know that he thinks that his Magic of Love may be a platform for him to share Christ with unbelievers. The telling of his daughter's out of wedlocks pregnancy and the neglect of his son by the show is of human interest but did not further the justification of his action.

It is my personal opinion that after reading this book that Khong may need to let go of being a pastor if he is to seriously consider entering into the world of media and to win it for the Lord. Being a pastor is a handicap because no non-Christian will take his shows seriously if he is still linked to the church. To them, this is just another Christian evangelism gimmick.

Khong also need to be careful in his choice of theme for his shows. The Magic of Love is a good them because it tells of the love between a father and his daughter. However, the "Spooky Show" may be a gray area.

Finally, Khong must realise that he is not alone. Maybe he has been a pastor too long that he has forgotten that thousands if not millions of Christians are involved in 'marketplace ministries' and many of them in the media. He writes as if he discovered the marketplace ministry all by himself.

On the whole, it is a good book to read. I have a better understanding of Lawrence Khong and his ministries.


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