Monday, December 29, 2008

LustBader: The Bourne Sanction

In this 2008 book, Eric Lustbader continues the adventures of Jason Bourne, a character created by Robert Ludlum.

Jason Bourne is the 21st century ultimate secret agent as James Bond is the agent for the 20th century. The interesting twist is that Jason Bourne does not exist but is an alter-ego created by the CIA to catch Carlos the Assassin as seen in Ludlum's trilogy: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatium. These have been made into movies. Eric Lustbader took up writing Jason Bourne thrillers and so far has produced two: The Bourne Betrayal and now, The Bourne Sanction. Eric Lustbader is a good choice to take up the mantle of Ludlum in writing Jason Bourne stories. I have enjoyed his Nicholas Linnear novels and China Mardoc novels.

This book took up with the life of David Webber, who is the real person. Jason Bourne is a created personality. David is teaching in an American college and having an identity crisis. He does not know whether his real persona is Jason Bourne or David Webber. This reminds me of The Batman/Bruce Wayne.

As in other stories, this weakness is manipulated by others. This time it is the Russian mob, an ultra secret terrorist organisation, and the CIA. In the pursue of his mission, Bourne leaves behind a trail of destruction and dead bodies. I like this book which has people double and triple crossing each other and thus is a mystery-thriller. What strikes me as I read these books is that basically David Webber and Jason Bourne has a deep sense of decency and loyalty to his friends. I look forward to the movie.

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  1. We are in love with not only the same god, but also the same fictional character!

    Guess Pearlie too shares this.

  2. and for my christmas hols i watched all 3 Bourne movies in quick succession...!

    wow you mean the story continues after Bourne busts up the research lab where he was 'created', jumps off a roof, the CIA directors get arrested and Webb/Bourne goes missing again?


  3. Hi Sze Seng and Alwyn,

    I am sure we shall be seeing more of Jason Bourne in the coming years.

  4. on screen or in print? ;>)

    i think Matt Damon was real 'gaya' in the movies...haven't read the books, though...maybe i should

  5. Hi Alwyn,

    The books are good and you will enjoy them.