Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bioethics Course and Conference at Regent College

This coming Summer School, Regent College is offering a bioethics course and conference. I am excited by it because this means Regent College is recognising the importance of Christian bioethics deliberation in context of our faithful engagement with the world.

Dr. Jennie McLaurin

Interim Dean of Students, Regent College. BS (Salem College), MD (Wake Forest University), MPH (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), MCS (Regent College).

Jennie is a pediatrician with a degree in maternal and child health, and has worked for many years with the American Health Resources and Services Administration, serving immigrant populations. In addition to her medical training, she holds a Master of Christian Studies from Regent College.

Faithful Medicine: Bioethics and Christian Thought

Christians struggle to make sense of modern medicine and its bioethical challenges. Abortion, euthanasia, AIDS and stem cell research continue to make headlines and fuel debate. But less public concerns also occupy us, such as infertility, aging, chronic pain and our neighbour's unmet medical needs. This course, through the help of interactive case studies, will explore 1) medicine's new role as a powerful secular institution; 2) ethical methods commonly used in public and Christian debate; 3) theological terms and perspectives that are (or should be) used to support bioethical viewpoints. The goal is to assist health professionals, church leaders and the wider Christian community to think well and Christianly about medicine, and thereby offer reasonable and faithful approaches to bioethical deliberation. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit will be offered for health professionals.

June 8–12, 8:00-11:00am

2 or 3 graduate credit hours

The course may be completed in one of two ways.

  • The two-credit option runs from Monday through Friday morning.
  • The three-credit option runs from Monday through the weekend Bioethics conference, ending on Saturday. (see our Conferences section for details)

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