Sunday, July 22, 2007

40-Days Prayer and Fast Malaysia 2007


  1. didn't managed to get a copy of the booklet. Searched in the NECF website...but was pretty disappointed that they didn't put up a soft copy of the booklet online. I thought, why can't they just scanned the pages from the book and put it up as pdf?

    i kind of understand the reason for them to charge RM2 for the booklet, but putting up to the net requires no cost...

    by the way, do you find it difficult to pray for our leaders? as a daily reader of malaysiatoday and malaysiakini, i find it extremely difficult to pray for these people.

  2. Adeste InfidelisJuly 23, 2007 at 3:44 AM

    Its tough but we have to do it. Timothy was exhorted to pray for those in authority .. and in that context it would've meant the Roman emperors and their governors. How much more distasteful can that get.

    My contention with the 40 Days Prayer & Fast project this year is who the NECF plans to fund with the money that they raise - RELA. Why the emphasis enforcement only? And why make us support an organisation that has been subject to so much critical scrutiny.

    Somehow I don't think enough thought was given on the implications. And that is a real shame.

  3. hi kaki.ayam and bob k,

    I too find it tough to pray nowadays but force myself to because if we do not do it, who will?

    bob has raise a valid point and I have written to NECF for clarification. Are we supporting RELA or Rukun Tetangga or something else? I hope to get an answer soon.

    Anyway I shall be going to KL for the NECF Pastors and Leaders Consultation on 31 July.

  4. Apparently, Rev Wong was misquoted by The Star. I'll take a wait and see position for now until the NECF publicly retracts.

  5. i know this is a personal thing to ask ... :)

    so do you guys fast and follow the daily prayer schedule?

    i have begun fasting only yesterday...and i find it extremely difficult in a working environment...especially when people will keep on persuading me to go along during lunch time...

    as for the rela thingy... i guess necf was trying to prove to the nation leaders that they can contribute to the country too...

    but are we overdoing it? what difference then is necf as compared to mca or mic? they too...employ the same tactics to prove to the UMNO that they are still relevant, that their membership are not to be taken lightly, and that they are loyal to the current leadership...

    Shouldn't it be enough for us to pray for the leaders as a whole? rather than individual leaders? ( the PM, the ministers and even the wakil rakyat )

    while i do agree on praying for our leaders, but i do feel that we are overdoing it... for a reason...

  6. hey...we can download the prayer booklet at necf website...hehe

    finally, they put it up...

  7. Alex,
    Good to know you will be at the NECF consultation. See you there and hope to catch up with you.

    I too struggle to pray for our country, and I also wondered about NECF's move in supporting RELA. But will wait for further updates on this before making further comments on my part.

  8. Hey Alex,

    Gotta get use to calling my own name...
    Glad to know that i will be joining a band of brothers in fasting and prayer for our nation...

    Together for Malaysia!
    The Roaring Lamb,
    Alex Miles

  9. hi kaki.ayam,

    I am trying to fast and you know how it is in our country where we eat 6 meals a day :)

    I guess we have to learn to say no to lunchtime invitations.I gather one or two other Christians and have a prayer session in my clinic during lunch hour.

    hi kar yong,

    looking forward to catching up with you in KL.

    hi 'The Roaring Lamb' Alex,

    hey, it sounds nice, doesn't it? Encouraging to meet up with others who are also praying and fasting.

  10. hi all,

    this is what I received from NECF in response to my query:

    July 24, 2007

    Dear Pastor/Elder/Leader/Friend,

    Re: Misquotation in Sunday Star

    Warm greetings in Jesus’ Precious Name!

    I refer to the report on page N19 of Sunday Star, July 22. It was reported that NECF Malaysia would channel our Charity Fund 2007 (to be collected through the 40-day Fast & Prayer) to Rukun Tetangga and Rela.

    That was a misquotation of my statement during the interview.

    NECF is in the process of working out a special nation-building programme associated with crime prevention in the community. We intend to contribute money saved from the 40-day Fast & Prayer to a new initiative known as the Mobile Rukun Tetangga. This initiative would involve the various local pastors’ fellowships and the police, which is a good way of encouraging Christians to engage the community. More details would be available later.

    Thank you for taking note.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Rev. Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N.