Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers, the Movie

Patrick Lee reviews the movie Transformers on SCI FI Weekly issue July 2, 2007.

Transformers does what it sets out to do: Bring to life giant alien robots who can morph into sleek muscle cars in the blink of an eye and destroy entire city blocks with WWE-like smackdowns. The movie also showcases extremely attractive young men and women, glistening in sweat, firing automatic weapons as they sprint headlong through a phalanx of tumbling, exploding automobiles. What's not to love?

Key to this movie's appeal, aside from the obvious, is Bay's apparent affection for his source material. I defy anyone of a certain age not to get a frisson of glee at the first resonant notes of Optimus Prime's voice-over or his first appearance as a tricked-out truck cab—or feel a lump in his or her throat when Bumblebee is brought low by the nefarious Sector 7.

A fun filled entertaining movie. There are a few violent fight scenes but should be okay for most children. [Danger: spoiler -The good guys or robots win in the end, duh ]. Get ready for the merchandising!

Review by Brandon Fibbs of Christianity Today Movies.com

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  1. Looks like it could be good (entertaining). I can't help but break out in the cartoon theme song whenever I think of it. I may wait until the DVD though; That will give me a chance to preview before I share it with my kids- it looks intense.



  2. hi james,

    It is fun to watch. May be a bit intense compared to the cartoon. Depends on how old are your kids. Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy it :)

  3. "more than meets the eye"...very kingdom, isn't it? i may use that in the sermon this Sunday, ;>)

  4. What I can say is this: coooool T-shirt!!! haha
    What to do? I am not a Transformer fan, not a He-man and the Master of the Universe kind of person. (and for the record, not a Smurf fan either!)

    But I look fwd to watching the movie!