Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laugh with the Lord

My friend and dear brother in Christ, Paul Juby just sent me his new book, "hot off the press" from Norfolk, United Kingdom.

It is a collection of his cartoons. His cartoons reflects his personality-full of joy and sharp wit! Thanks Paul for the autographed copy. It will have an honoured place on my bookshelves.

Paul Juby came to Malaysia to work when he was twenty years old. Within a few months he was brought to Christ by teenage members of the Penang Methodist Youth Fellowship. Within a few more months he formed a Boys' Brigade Company at the church. Soon afterwards he was sacked by his firm for mixing with Asians and refusing to join an all-European Club.

Paul then found employment as a rubber planter and eventually managed the largest rubber processing
company in the

He continued to help extend The Boys' Brigade and has seen it grow from 30 members to over 7000 and expanded to the neighbouring countries.

Retired to England, Paul founded a BB Old Boys Association named The Federation of Stedfast Associations, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland of which he is the National Chairman. He is also the Honorary Vice-president of the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia.

In his mid seventies, Paul is still very active. Every three years he leads a sponsored climb of Mount Kinabalu (14,500 feet) to raise fund for BB Asia. He has been called "Robokop" by the boys and girls because he has two artificial hips.

Paul loves preaching because it gives him an excuse 'to point a finger at "pew sitters"'!

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