Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Idiot

SOMEONE CALLS YOU AN IDIOT. Then you start thinking, "How can they call me an idiot? They've got no right to call me an idiot! How rude to call me an idiot! I'll get them back for calling me an idiot." And you suddenly realize that you have just let them call you an idiot another four times.

Every time you remember what they said, you allow them to call you an idiot again. Therein lies the problem.

If someone calls you an idiot and you immediately let go, then it doesn't bother you. There is the solution.

Why allow other people to control your happiness?

Ajahn Brahm has a degree in theoretical physics. Disillusioned, he went to the jungles of Thailand and studied under the highly esteemed meditation master Ajahn Chah. A monk for over thirty years, Ajahn Brahm is a revered spiritual guide and abbot of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the southern hemisphere.

I have also enjoyed his speeches and his writings. Though we differ in some fundamental truths, I find that there is much he can teach me to be a better Christian.

sel deo gloria


  1. Hey ... thanks for posting this. Got my son to read this as he is always being bullied: being called names and pushed around. The norm of childhood life but I am trying to give him enough support as well. Life is hard ... whatever the age. But life is good ... it is God given :)

  2. pearlie,

    I like this post especially the part about why allow other people to control your happiness.

    Hope your son will benefit from it.