Monday, July 2, 2007

On Prayer and Christian Service

In his sermon to Holy Light Church on “Vision and Purpose in Christian Service”, Reverend Nicholas Yeo says,

In prayer exercise, am still a learner;
prayer is battering not chattering;
prayer is battle not prattle;
prayer is working not wording;
prayer is warring not boring;
prayer is fight not flight;
prayer is rooted in promises of God & in covenant of the blood;
we have reasons given to us by God in his Word why he should answer, & we can read them there. That's why Nehemiah's prayer was answered – based on God's purposes & God's promises; our prayers ought to be like that, so that God's purposes may be realized; but more often we hear prayers just asking God to bless the work, to bless the sick ones, to keep us plugging along, to keep the work going.

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